Early Risers

Must admit that i am not an early riser and consider myself lucky that i don t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, storm out of bed and make my way through the rush hour.  Every time i had to, i ended up frustrated because i simply do not know how to calculate the time it gets one to get from say Rabat to Valletta.  I refuse to acknowledge the fact that during rush hour, an hour is literally not enough so it beats me why they do call it the rush hour!  Maybe cos of the rush i get all over my body as i sit helplessly behind the fellow infront of me.  But this morning i was due for my first hospital visit (the one where your file gets opened and the one for which you need to dedicate a whole morning).  My appointment was due at 7.30am and last night i thought to myself, the last thing i want is to get there all flustered, huffing and puffing because it will make the rest of the waiting hours a living nightmare.  So i decided to brave the rush hour and go meet the early risers.  And how great did that feel!  Being on the road at 6.20am meant i could marvel at the sky dawning, feel blissful at the peaceful (or half asleep) faces of the passers by and most of all appreciate the other cars and their early risers who have to do this every day and might not feel the same way i did this morning.  But for me it served as a lesson.  Sometimes, we need to come out of our comfort zones and routines in order to appreciate the other side of things.  Needless to say that the rest of the morning i spent in hospital but very happily moving along from one area onto another and being skipped by a lady who came after me didn t really matter!  Either the experience of waking up so early had a positive effect on me or my brain decided that if you can t beat it, might as well join it or better still, be early!

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