St Patrick’s Day & Hamis ix-Xirka

So this morning it dawned on me that im going to be husbandless on Hamis Ix-xirka since he has to travel to the UK to attent his best friend’s wedding.   I thought it wown t be wise of me to join him since ill be gone 36weeks and a)  we don t want Sparling Junior to be make an appearance and upstage the bride and b) im not sure they even let me fly at that stage of pregnancy!  So as i was chatting to a friend of mine iv arranged to join her for the church go arounds of Hamis ix-Xirka.  Im actually looking forward as i like the feeling that is created around the maltese churches during that eve.  Excitedly i told my husband about my plan and what i intend to do right after i drop him off at the airport that evening and went on to explain what goes on during Hamis Ix-Xirka.  On i went about the well light, open churches that brighten up the skyline on that evening, welcoming all of us to go round and do the traditional ‘seba visti’.  He sat there quietly listening to all this then all of a sudden, his eyes widened and with a sense of understanding he said ‘Ah,yes i see what you mean!  We brits (& Irish of course), do the same sort of thing on St Patrick’s Day.  With the only difference being that we do it round pubs’.  Hurray for British humour :)  Wish you a good day x

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